Spring is coming, and with it cleanup and season for … repairs! Good weather is conducive to changes in apartments, but not everyone can afford to pay for materials and professionals immediately. So we checked the best installment loans for renovation.

There always comes the moment when you need to decide to carry out a renovation, small or large. It is worth sitting down for a moment and thinking about how much the whole venture will involve.

Renovation costs


The cost of the planned renovation can be very, but very different. It all depends on what changes you need to make. Is ordinary wall painting enough? Furniture change? Or maybe you still need to move the sockets, replace the windows with more airtight or move the door? If the renovation concerns a room, kitchen or bathroom, you also need to think about the costs of tiles, terracotta, appliances, cabinets …

You cannot afford to calculate incorrectly when planning your renovation. The costs of such an undertaking can significantly exceed expectations and possibilities if expenses related to refreshing the apartment are carelessly calculated.

How to calculate the cost of renovation


Once the decision has been made, the cost of the renovation should be thoroughly checked and calculated. How to do it right? First of all, it is necessary to write down what exactly is subject to change. In the case of refreshing the walls, calculate what surface is to be changed, and then check the prices of paints (and their properties – sometimes it is better to add a few zlotys to the bucket, but instead have walls that will remain in good condition for many years) and labor, if the crew is to carry out the renovation.

You also need to prepare for furniture replacement: accurately measure dimensions, search the internet for furniture stores, but also ask local carpenters, because sometimes their prices are similar or even lower than in chain stores. Of course, second-hand furniture can also come into play.

Bathroom or kitchen renovation is naturally the most expensive. Here, it is especially important to calculate the upcoming expenses well and maybe even leave some margin for the unexpected costs associated with replacing or moving pipes or cables that can appear in the most surprising places.

How to carry out a cheap renovation


Renovation in an apartment does not have to be overly expensive if one of your household or friends has the right skills. If it is not very important to cover every millimeter of the wall with an even layer of paint, maybe instead of hiring a painter do it with your family? This solution is a particularly good idea if there are small children in the house and the walls are expected to be painted again in a year or two.

It is also worth thinking about where to buy tiles for walls and / or floors. Maybe big DIY stores have a wide range, but it’s worth checking to see if there is a tile outlet in the area where you can get very nice designs, good quality and low price. However, it should be remembered that in such stores are not usually accepted returns related to the excess of purchased glaze / terracotta.

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