When you are buying a property, it is the ideal savings when choosing a cash savings plan for a home! Typically 30% state subsidy, and the provider often offers promotions. Promotions are worth tens of thousands of forints and you don’t have to buy affiliated products at any bank, which is practically inevitable at other times.

Saving property is a major popularity with a 30% state subsidy on each payment.

Saving property is a major popularity with a 30% state subsidy on each payment.

Support of 1 contract up to HUF 72 thousand per year. This would be a good reason to start such a savings in itself, but it also throws in some great promotions that also encourage the use of the product!

Before describing the promotions, there are 2 different types of promotions.

  • One does not have to use a related product (bank account, SMS, home insurance, etc.…),
  • while the other is inevitable.

This is important because in the first case, there is no additional service charge, while in the second, the related financial product is available for a fee, so the promotion does not seem so attractive to us anymore!

No need for a linked product:


Fundamenta Home Savings has launched a new action called the “Triple Bonus”, which has appeared several times over the past period.

  • Those who sign up for a new contract until July 17, 2018 with a minimum term of 8 years and a deposit of at least HUF 19,900 / month will receive twice the monthly savings bonus.

For example, if you make a monthly payment of $ 20,000, you will receive a $ 40,000 bonus. This amount will be managed separately and proof of use of the real estate will be required. This promotion can be used for home planning, and if you save 40,000 a month, the bonus can be up to 80,000 Ft.

You can enjoy more of your running promotions with the account opener.

You can enjoy more of your running promotions with the account opener.

  • For example, if we start a contract with a term of at least 6 years, the monthly fee for opening an account is HUF 20,000, regardless of the contract amount, depending on the maturity, an Elizabeth voucher will be given as a gift. This is determined in strips, up to HUF 4-40 thousand, which the contractor receives in a voucher.

If you need the affiliate product

If you need the affiliate product

Aegon Home Savings will release half of the account opening fee, which is 1% of the contracted amount. We may also use a new product as a result of releasing the account opening fee. You also need min. We enter into a 5 year LTP and have to choose a home insurance product or other insurance product, in which case the clause is an annual premium of $ 10,000.

OTP offers 3 types of discounts that require a related product or service.

  1. If you request SMS service, half of the account opening will be released by the bank and min. We have a contract for 6 years, the price of everything is 1.017 Ft
  2. In the case of a loyalty statement, for a 4-year term, a reduced amount (equivalent to the monthly payment made) is required for the account opening fee and SMS service.
  3. Finally, a HUF 0 account opening fee, along with the loyalty and SMS service, requires the opening of a new account at OTP Bank.

All three variations are favorable overall, but it is evident that the bank is increasingly focused on securing the customer.

If you are interested in home price changes, are planning to buy a property or would like to use various home loans and home savings, please do not hesitate to contact our credit broker, who can get professional information from personalized offers!

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