Organization structure

Decentralized venture capital organization PPC DAO

When the social structure tends to be stable, the boundaries between classes also become clearer. Class differentiation will only rapidly widen the asset gap, and the solidification of social class will not only allow most people’s money to flow into the pockets of a few, but also enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. .

The emergence of blockchain has once again given people the opportunity to break the hierarchy and achieve financial freedom. Yet even under the fairest rules, the world still shows a cruel side. In the sluggish market economy, traditional investment giants have come and gone in the crypto industry, easily monopolizing crypto investment opportunities with large sum of money, investments with high rates of relatively high returns suddenly disappear.

The reason is not only the intervention of capital, but also its own problems. Not being able to find a good project, the fact is that finding a good project but not having money to invest, and having a good project but not being eligible to invest are the main reasons why actors ordinary people are missing out on investment opportunities? Although this is not necessarily a joint monopoly between VCs and project owners, ordinary people are deprived of it. Opportunity is an indisputable fact.

In this context, a decentralized venture capital organization that is not centrally controlled – PPC DAO was born. As a decentralized venture capital organization formed by the world’s top blockchain crypto enthusiasts and focused on investing in the blockchain industry, PPC DAO is dedicated to creating community effect through the DAO model, by providing node holders, asset holders, new blockchain project parties, etc. bring common sustainable development and jointly build a new valuable Internet of tomorrow.

As a VC DAO that people can participate in, PPC DAO aggregates multiple ecological application scenarios, takes the password function as the core, develops the implementation of the economic incentive model, and uses CaaS as the integration method of information and interaction to drive the maximization of the return value of the participating communities. In addition, PPC DAO is also based on the concept of sharing, connecting project parties, investors, capital stakeholders, practitioners to become a true community of interests, constrained by smart contracts, and create, acquire and jointly distribute community value, aims to build a credible, safe and investment platform for every civilian, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies.

It is understood that the initial PPC DAO will issue 100 Genesis Medals and 10,000 Genesis NFT Cards to support the implementation of the community economic model and the incentive model. All funds for the subscription of the founding medal and NFT card enter the VC fund pool, and all participants recommend high-quality projects to the global common selection for investment, and the profits generated are redistributed to all members of the organization. The profit funds generated by VC investment research will be distributed to medal and card holders in a certain proportion, so as to form voting rights, voting rights, decision rights and dividend rights.

Subscription conditions and benefits:

Genesis Medal (100 pieces)

  • Subscription conditions: having your own brand culture logo and some traffic.
  • Interests: Participate in the investment and research management of PPC DAO, you can generate your own invitation channel and recommend outstanding crypto players to join PPC DAO to enjoy the dividends of the PPC DAO organization.

Genesis NFT Cards (10,000)

  • Subscription Terms: Follow the official PPC DAO media channel to complete the whitelist task
  • Equity: Participate in the governance and voting of PPC DAO and receive dividends from the PPC DAO organization.

From the perspective of PPC DAO, through DAO and low-threshold VC, the NFT ecology and users holding NFT can establish a continuous and long-term connection, which can be a way to keep NFT holders confident and promote NFT ecology. An effective way to grow for a long time.

Unlike other DAO organizations, income from PPC DAO investment will be redistributed to NFT holders. These funds will continue to be invested in the market, which means that users who hold NFTs will also continue to receive returns. Such an eco-friendly model not only enables all users holding NFTs to gain revenue opportunities in the primary market, but also enables them to participate in the crypto VC in the form of DAOs to gain considerable revenue.

At the same time, PPC DAO will also provide strong support for members of the organization, including network resources, knowledge expansion, media publicity, etc., to improve the extension system. ecological investment, so that ordinary investors can also become a real VC (venture capital). for example:

  • Learning and Education: Investing in the crypto market can be a challenging industry for many players, requiring in-depth knowledge and covering a wide range of knowledge areas.
  • Earn money and profit: PPC DAO will become a place where users have opportunities to earn money and profit, as users.

The market built by DAO and the incentive ecosystem that participates in the rational formation of Pass, PoS and CaaS in the DAO autonomous community.

  • Value Support: PPC DAO insists on building a kind of ground and atmosphere (Vibe), a good vibe will do good things and inspire us to be a long-term builder.
  • Resource expansion: PPC DAO will launch brainstorming sessions and offline gatherings in major cities to help everyone network. In PPC DAO you will save a lot of time and money to find suitable partners.

In fact, to put it more popularly, PPC DAO is equivalent to crowdfunding, but this crowdfunding is only for crypto investment. From the point of view of PPC DAO, since ordinary people do not have the ability and funds to identify and invest in projects, they should gather ordinary users to invest and participate in the form of organizations, so that resources and funds are sufficient to support the PPCDAO. Members make a profit in the project.

Such ecological model and gameplay not only lower the threshold for ordinary people to enter the venture capital market, but also reduce the possibility of investment failure through the collective wisdom of PPC DAO, and bring also new convergence points for NFT and DAO. We have reason to believe that with the union of PPC DAO, ordinary people will also have the opportunity to break the class stereotype, successfully pave the way to wealth, and realize the freedom of wealth.