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Disability support organization making waves in Australia

Vana Care is changing the Australian care landscape with its person-centred approach that provides much-needed support to people with disabilities who deserve it.

When two friends, Jesse Trout and Jason Wisniewski, came together to launch Vana Care in March 2021, little did they know they were about to create a project that would change the Australian landscape. Vana care began as a passion project to provide a better level of support and experience for people living with disabilities. His only vision was to dedicate himself and focus only on the things that matter most. In other words, Vana Care aimed to give its customers choice, control, and variety of what they can do to align with their NDIS goals. Staying true to this solid foundation has led to the incredible success of Vana Care in Australia.

Vana Care offers a range of services that puts it front and center when searching online for terms such as “in home support Adelaideor “Adelaide support workers”. Some of its services are given as follows:

– Community Access: Vana Care has a team that is always on hand to help customers with all kinds of errands, no matter (double) how big or small. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hair appointment, a concert, grocery shopping or a visit to the gym, Vana Care will be there. Apart from helping, the team also listens to its customers and promises support that can last from 3 to 24 hours a day.

– In home support: for people of all ages who need to manage their daily affairs, Vana Care offers more personalized support for basic household tasks such as meal preparation, personal care, etc.

– Accompanied independent living: Vana care has a specially trained team that works closely with its clients so they can achieve their independent living goals. This team is trained to provide 24/7 support for tasks such as gardening, meal preparation, house tidying, planning and travel to social activities, grocery shopping and many others.

– Support Coordination: Since Vana Care is registered with the NDIS, it has the skills, knowledge and experience required to connect its members to the right NDIS providers. That said, Vana Care has support coordinators who can help members understand and use their NDIS plan to achieve their individual goals.

Jesse and Jason have accomplished a lot through Vana Care, but their biggest accomplishment has to be bringing together a team as passionate as they are to help others. The Vana Care team gives its members undivided attention and stays with them every step of the way.

A team member who has worked with Vana Care shares his experience: “Working for Vana Care has been nothing but a positive and rewarding experience. The staff are nothing but supportive and show great compassion to their staff and customers. If you are looking for support for someone you know who is living with a disability, I strongly suggest Vana Care provide you with nothing but a supportive and encouraging environment.

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