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Fafali Organization supports Tweapease Senior High School with sporting goods

On Friday, June 17, 2022, the Fafali organization donated sporting goods to Tweapease High School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

In a ceremony attended by organization CEO Fafali, Senyo Sosu and program coordinator, Pablo Weeden, on behalf of the organization, football items such as football nets, shirts and long football socks were donated to school as part of our sports activities. program.

The ceremony also saw the presence of the director of education/principal of Tweapease High School, the vice principal, the master of sports, the heads of departments, as well as all the students of the establishment.

The donation came as timely support for the school, which had been wearing the same football shirts for many years and was beginning to lose hope of getting a replacement as they were in a sports month.

Sosu who is the CEO of the Fafali organization shared with everyone present the mission of the organization and what they have planned to implement in the school.

“Making an impact is one of our hallmarks (Fafali) and your school is close to our hearts thanks to Eric Kpaja (Head of the Mathematics Department). He (Eric) was on the board of directors of our organization and served for one (1) term duly, before returning to the teaching field Eric has since asked for this favor (received the support of the organization) and thanks to him, we have come this far for the support,” said Senyo Sosu.

He also promised that the organization (Fafali) has many things to help the school and especially in the sports sector.

Through their partnership with KitAid Africa, a UK-based nonprofit that recycles once-loved football kits and sports gear, and distributes them to disadvantaged children and adults in some of the world’s poorest countries , the organization (Fafali) regularly receives sports equipment to support the Ball & Brain project, Golf & Goal project, Coach the Coaches course, as well as the community at large.

Fafali Organization supports Tweapease Senior High School with sporting goods

As a non-profit organization, Fafali then extends its aid to institutions in need like schools, churches, community entertainment groups, government institutions and many more. It was as a result of this that the organization supported Tweapease Senior High School with jerseys, soccer socks, and soccer nets.

Tweapease Senior High School, a school in Tweapease on the Obuasi – Dunkwa road, is a community school which was run by the people of the community until 2018 when it became a government run public school. The school has since seen no infrastructure improvements as expected. The school lacks basic facilities such as offices for directors, classrooms and a school field for sports activities, among others.

The donation to the school was described as a timely intervention by the Director of Education, Amansie Central and the Principal of the school, Mrs. Nana Pokuaa Amoako.

“We are in a sports month where we are going to do a lot of activities, so if by the grace of God we were able to obtain some of these items, I know it will do a lot to help the school and so, we are grateful. said Ms. Amoako.

She also pleaded with the organization to do even more when there is an opening for a donation, citing Oliver Twist’s famous quote “please sir, I want more”.

Recounting the school’s journey to get their own jersey, Mr. Salifu Sumaila Tiibo, Deputy Principal of Tweapease Senior High, said, “We had to go to an elementary school to ask for help and get their jersey because that we don’t have I don’t have any”.

This lack of basic amenities hasn’t stopped Tweapease from putting maximum effort into all of their sporting outings. Prior to the donation from the Fafali organization, they (Tweapease) had knocked out all their opponents along the way to book a place in the regional handball competition.

Fafali Organization supports Tweapease Senior High School with sporting goods

The Fafali organization is willing to support institutions such as Tweapease Senior High School. Less facilities but a great desire to be the best. The organization is looking forward to extending its annual Coach the Coaches course to the secondary level.

Programs Coordinator Pablo Weeden urged students to take sport seriously as it has huge benefits for their mental and physical well-being, while creating opportunities for them to step out of their current state and create a lasting legacy for themselves and generations after. their.
The Fafali organization directly reaches around 5,000 people per year and around 70,000 people are indirectly reached each year.

The Fafali organization uses this medium to appeal to all well-meaning people and government agencies who can help the school in any way possible to achieve greater heights, as we believe this school has the makings of an elite school. Some of the things the school needs help with are; a computer lab, a library complex and other sporting goods to aid in the development of the sport.