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GuideRounded Best Organization for Diversity in Healthcare

Honor highlights GuideWell’s efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (“GuideWell“), the parent company of a family of forward-thinking companies focused on advancing healthcare, has been named one of the top three organizations for diversity in healthcare by the National Diversity Council This honor recognizes GuideWell’s innovative efforts in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging among its employees, customers, partners and communities.

“We are honored to be recognized for our efforts to create an inclusive culture that embraces the unique differences of our employees, our customers and the diverse communities we serve,” said Pat Geraghty, President and CEO of GuideWell. “This recognition reminds us that we must remain committed to being a leading force in building a more equitable health system and society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

The Healthcare Diversity Council, an initiative of the National Diversity Council, annually recognizes three healthcare organizations that demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The council seeks organizations that take bold steps to foster an inclusive workplace, support diverse communities, display high ethical standards, develop and retain employees from diverse backgrounds, and have a long-standing track record of achievement in the field. health care.

Below are some of the actions GuideWell is taking to lead the way in diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • GuideWell Equity Alliance: In 2020, GuideWell launched the Equity Alliance, an initiative focused on addressing systemic racism and health inequities in the communities GuideWell serves.
  • Investments: In 2020, GuideWell is committed to investing $25 million over five years to address racial injustice and health inequities. To date, GuideWell has invested nearly half through business initiatives and grants to nonprofits dedicated to promoting health equity.
  • Guarantee fair practices between suppliers and partners: GuideWell has made a conscious effort to work with more diverse businesses. Through the launch of an internal vendor database, the company tracks spend across various vendors and its diverse vendor network.
  • Inclusion as a core value: To promote diversity of thought and experience, GuideWell recently reinforced its core corporate values ​​by adding “inclusion”.
  • Recruit diverse talent: GuideWell believes in hiring people who represent the communities it serves. The composition of the workforce reflects this, with 71% of the workforce being female, 20% of leaders identifying as LGBTQ+, and 60% of the board being female or minority.
  • Embracing ERGs: GuideWell has 14 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), known as GuideWell Communities, which serve to encourage everyone to go beyond their professional role and contribute to the mission of the organization. These affinity-based groups help employees develop leadership skills and put their interests and passions to work, while being strategic partners for the company within the workforce, market and the community.
  • Employee forums: GuideWell hosts frequent discussion forums for its employees, giving them a space to speak candidly about topics that can help build empathy, understanding and connection among team members.
  • National Commitment to Health Equity: In 2021, GuideWell joined 40 leading organizations to sign a national health equity pledgecommitting to collect data on race, ethnicity, language and gender, which will be used to develop best practices for the industry.

“Diversity and inclusion in healthcare organizations is critical to achieving health equity and it must start internally,” said Dr. Kelli Tice, Health Equity Director of GuideWell. “By promoting diversity and equity among our team members, we can work more effectively to create culturally appropriate solutions to reduce health disparities among Black and other minority populations.”

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About GuideWell
GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell) is a not-for-profit mutual holding company and the parent company of a family of forward-thinking companies focused on healthcare transformation. The GuideWell organization includes Florida Bluefirst health insurance company in Florida; Triple-S Management, a leader in health services in Porto Rico; GuideWell Health, a portfolio of clinical care delivery organizations; GuideWell Venture Group, a portfolio of companies including Onlife Health and PopHealthCare focused on creating innovative, human-centric health solutions for health plans; GuideWell Source, an administrative service provider for state and federal health care programs; and WebTPA, a market-leading administrator of self-funded employer health plans. In total, GuideWell and its affiliates serve more than 46 million people in 45 states, Porto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. For more information, visit