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Owner’s son Julian Lurie given official role in Eagles organization

Julian Lurie is now officially a member of the Eagles organization.

Lurie, the 27-year-old son of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, will hold the title of Business Strategy and Football Operations, reflecting his involvement in both football operations and the business aspects of the organization, according to a team source. Young Lurie moved into permanent office space in the NovaCare complex earlier this offseason.

“Obviously he grew up in the family that owns the team,” Jeffrey Lurie said of his son at league meetings in late March. “He’s a sports fanatic from Philadelphia. He loves the Eagles, loves the NFL. He really has a good idea of ​​many aspects of the sport. After college, he entered the NFL rotation program to learn more about the business side and the New York league side, working for the NFL all those years. I still have him, kind of like a lot of kids from families that own teams, kind of (brought) him in terms of I want to expose him to all aspects of both the business side and the operational side, the nuts and bolts, but also the strategy side. He’s a very sharp guy.

“He’s going to have so much more to do than me if he ever chooses to want to own and lead the team. I mean, he’s going to have a huge advantage. He won’t make some of the… mistakes I made. But he loves every aspect of it. And so what I do is expose it at different times to different things. I let him observe coaching research – those are big decisions to make. I think he’s exposed to the business side (and) the football side. And inevitably it will be more of a formal aspect if he aspires to do so.

Julian was seen earlier this offseason alongside Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni on the sidelines of the Senior Bowl and has been involved to some degree in past coaching searches. As the owner’s son, he has been aware over the years of what his father once described like “all the dilemmas and decisions we make”. The Harvard-trained owner’s son also spent two years in the NFL league offices completing the “very selective, with high potential” junior rotation program in which he worked for a variety of departments. His new role, in the books, follows the playbook presented to the children of league owners who are expected to, one day, take charge of a team themselves.

Since officially entering the building, young Lurie has spent some of his time attending high-level executive meetings and meeting one-on-one with department heads to better understand different parts of the organization. company. To some extent, his involvement is mutually beneficial for the employees who now have the opportunity to form a relationship with the likely future owner of the team. In theory, Lurie’s new official presence also integrates him into the everyday culture of the organization.

The eldest Lurie, 70, spoke publicly on how football has helped him bond with his son, just like he did with his father. During league meetings, he is asked if he knows if his son wants to succeed him.

I don’t know exactly,” Lurie said. “We haven’t really talked about it. I can tell he has my passion for the sport and the Eagles. I can tell you that.”

Now that he’s officially in the building, the path to Julian’s future ownership seems clear. Preparation for this inevitability has now moved from theory to practice.

Said Jeffrey Lurie to Athleticism in 2019: “He’s a lot more prepared than I’ve ever been because he’s been living it since he was a little boy.

(Photo: Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)