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Saskatchewan nonprofit gives food and beverage entrepreneurs a head start on success – RealAgriculture

Whether the idea comes up sitting in the tractor, around a conference room, or in the middle of the night, converting an idea into a viable business can be a daunting task. To help move ideas forward, a Saskatchewan nonprofit is focused on streamlining this process for food and beverage-focused entrepreneurs.

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Center, based in Saskatoon, offers a full-service approach to turning an idea into a full-fledged end product. Their expertise is vast and includes everything from product development, extrusion, ingredients, food safety, processing, and more.

Carmen Ly, director of communications for the Saskatchewan Food Centre, says they work with everyone from small boutiques to multinationals, and provide services based on specific business needs.

“We have a dedicated product development team that will be able to work with the entrepreneur, with the business owner, to fine-tune their product formulation,” Ly says. “Then once the formulation is developed, we have a manufacturing facility, a federally inspected manufacturing facility, that can help them scale that up or increase their production, and be able to make thousands of jars. of jams, or whatever they can sell in the market. We’ll help them with packaging, labeling, manufacturing, food safety, all those kinds of things that need to be in place before they can sell in retail stores.”

Ly says most of their clientele are from Saskatchewan, including Three Farmers Foods, however, they work with business owners across Canada and even overseas.

Entrepreneurs can meet with the Saskatchewan Food Center and have a free initial consultation to discuss their product, where they are in the process and what their goals are. From there, a plan can be formulated and fees discussed for the services rendered by the center.

In addition to the regular services offered to entrepreneurs by the Saskatchewan Food Centre, they are also home to the AWESOME program, which aims to advance women entrepreneurs through skills development, opportunity identification, manufacturing counseling and marketing. exports.

Through this program, which is available in Alberta and Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan, helps women entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses through business development counselling, skills development training, , networking and other related services.